Message of Secretary

Imtiaz Hossain Munshi Fahim
Imtiaz Hossain Munshi Fahim

Leading University Social Services Club, is one of the largest registered club in Leading University, started working in 2009 to stand by the underprivileged and unfortunate people in the society, especially of greater Sylhet. I, Imtiaz, am not as a secretary rather being a general member always feels proud of this club. I came to this club in 2013 through Shihab bhai and I was so fortunate that I along with my other fellow members get such a mentor or leader. Like Shihab bhai. He knew how to incorporate any idea or information subconsciously so that we, especially I, never felt that we were doing any task. From Shihab bhai’s committee to present committee (2016-17), my journey in this club, I have got some juniors and seniors brothers and sisters whose love and respect make me fortunate enough and fuel me to perform my duties with encouragement. So far, this club has undertaken so many philanthropic works e.g. Winter Cloth Distribution, Ramadan Food Distribution, Blood Donation and run a Voluntary Education Program called “ Alo School”. Some of my friends often ask about my reason behind being so much attached with the club. In reply, I just say to them that I have found hundreds of smiles, blessings and love.

In fine, I want to thank my parents and brother for inspiring me always to be with the club. I want to give thanks to our honorable former Advisor Jahangir Alam sir, present Advisors Rumpa Sharmin madam and Anwar Ahmad Arif sir. We are so blessed having an advisor like Rumpa mam who always reminds with us, inspires and supports us.
My friends Tridiv, Mubin, Tasnim never let me feel alienated rather we have worked together for the club and of course, I’m privileged having so many vigil and dedicated friends.

I want to say just one thing to those guys who will drive this club in future that keep the motto of this club “ the sole meaning of life is to serve Humity” in your heart and I wish as well as strongly believe you will uphold the dignity, reputation and fame of LUSSC.

Long Live Team LUSSC.