ALO School

Its is a voluntary education program.

Alo School is one of the major project of Leading University Social Services Club. The purpose of this school is to provide tuitions to the orphans those don’t have the opportunity for a better education aid like other students from a stable family. They are deprived from their family love and proper guidance. In this school we try to fill that part of their childhood. We play with them, we celebrate with them and we voluntary provide them academic tuitions so that they can do well in their education.

Firstly we started the journey of ALO School from 2012 at Raynogor Orphanage. After successfully continuing the campus one later on, we started the campus two of ALO School at Bagbari orphanage. The ALO School run by ALO School Coordinators and Teachers who are the members of Leading University Social Services Club. We believe, educate the nation is to enlighten the nation.