Leading University Social Services Club (LUSSC) – is the largest registered club of Leading University, Sylhet. Starting our journey from 2009 we are working selflessly for the welfare of the society. LUSSC is a Non profit organization where we believe “the sole meaning of life is to serve Humanity” and work together for a better and impartial Society. With enormously increasing number of dedicated members we fight against social Challenges with encouraging voluntarism. We run a Voluntary Education Program called “Alo School” where we give tuitions to the underprivileged orphans in two different orphanages. We believe the key to enlighten the future of Bangladesh is education. Besides our regular events like Winter Cloth Distribution, Ramadan Food Distribution, Blood Donation and so on we also generate funds for the treatment of patients who cannot afford them. In short, for us Every Smile Matters and we dream to keep them All.


Our Projects:

ALO School – A Voluntary Education program:

Alo School is one of the major project of Leading University Social Services Club. The purpose of this school is to provide tuitions to the orphans those don’t have the opportunity for a better education aid like other students from a stable family. They are deprived from their family love and proper guidance. In this school we try to fill that part of their childhood. We play with them, we celebrate with them and we voluntary provide them academic tuitions so that they can do well in their education.
Firstly we started the journey of ALO School from 2012 at Raynogor Orphanage. After successfully continuing the campus one later on, we started the campus two of ALO School at Bagbari orphanage. The ALO School run by ALO School Coordinators and Teachers who are the members of Leading University Social Services Club. We believe, educate the nation is to enlighten the nation.

Project – ‘Hashi’:

Project Hashi is a career aid program where we either finance or train underprivileged persons to be self-reliant in their life. For instance Imtiyaj Rahman Inu, a drug addicted person who fully recovered from the addiction and he helped many like him to recover too. Through him a team of LUSSC provided training of Sewing to the females of his colony. And now they all have a skill to earn. We don’t stop there, A coordinator team of ‘Project Hashi’ follow up with their advancement. We also finance the needy to buy Rickshaw, Sewing Machine or other earning sources. We give our effort so that they can live their life happily with their family. And a family Means a happy society.


Our Events:

Blood Donation & Blood Group Identification Campaign:

Every Year We do a Blood donation Campaign. It is usually the first regular event carried out by each Steering committee.
Last Blood Donation & Blood Group Identification Campaign was organised by LUSSC in association with Medicine Club SOMC- Unit on 10th April 2016.

Winter Cloth Distribution:

Winter Cloth distribution is one of the most priority event for us. We realize how many people in our surroundings are suffering from cold and have no clothes to wear. Every year in winter we distribute winter cloths to the needy people. According to our funds we often do it in several phases too.

Ramadan Food Distribution:

Remembering the significance of Holy month of Ramadan each year in Ramadan we distribute foods among the poor.

Eid Cloth Distribution:

In every Eid-Ul-Fitr we distribute clothes to an orphanage. They barely can realize the happiness of Eid as we all do with our parents and family members. So That day we play with them and try to let them have a good day with all of us.

Mehedi Uthshav:

To Share Happiness of Eid with those who don’t have a family we organize Mehedi Uthshav in an orphanage.

Annual Scholarship:

To encourage The students of Alo School in their study and see their progress before final examination we organize Annual Scholarship exam for them. We found it very inspiring for them when we reward them according to their result.

Drawing Competition:

To encourage art and creativity, we organize Drawing competition regularly. Young Artist from different institutes participates in our Drawing Competition and best of them get awarded. Later on we exhibit and sale the best arts to generate the funds of Alo School In our Last Drawing Competition 300+ Students were participated.

Art Exhibition :

To generate finds for Alo School, we do several activities. Major one of them is Art Exhibition. We exhibited and offer the best Arts from the art competition for sales. The money we collect from those arts goes for the educational welfare of Alo School.

Film Festival :

Another major source of Fundings for Alo School is Film Festival. Money collected from tickets is used to conduct the classes and provide study material of Alo school.